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Saifu Wallet
3 min readMar 31, 2022


Months in the making, the team is thrilled to unveil the latest addition to the Solana ecosystem: Saifu Wallet! The wallet made for professionals and power-users.

What is Saifu Wallet?

Saifu is a fresh take on the web3 wallet concept — a wallet that is made with the intentions and needs of power-users in mind, a wallet that can help not just navigate the blockchain world easier, but directly integrate it and manage.

Each user is different and each user navigates web3 in a different way. Some people might be heavy on NFT trading, while others don’t own a single one and focus on lending. Others may just want to monitor their staked assets APR and participate in yield farming.

Saifu is the first wallet that acknowledges the big diversity of web3 users and allows full customization to make the wallet experience truly personal and unique.

Extend and customize it

Saifu comes batteries-included with all the web3 features you already know and love. From swapping to connecting to dApps and using hardware wallets — it can handle it all.

Use plugins to further extend and customize what Saifu can do, and customize it to fully fit your day-to-day web3 needs, be it a nice overview for an NFT collection, an aggregate view for Solend, or even pulling balances from centralized exchanges like FTX or Binance directly into the wallet, to have it all in one place.

The cool thing? Plugins are fully modular and open-source. Everyone that knows javascript can write and publish new extensions, evolving Saifu into a perfectly tailored experience over time.

Who is behind Saifu?

Saifu is brought to you by a team of 2, currently working in web3 and fintech, and years of experience in building systems that scale

We’re fully transparent with Saifu and believe our experience in the field will allow us to move fast.

Join the community

We don’t want to build Saifu just for us, but for everyone that lives in DeFi. Join our discord, reply to us on twitter, tell us your ideas and workflows, and help us decide the direction future of Saifu together

Beta launching now

Saifu Wallet open beta launches today on Firefox and Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Brave), with Safari following shortly.

The first plugins that ship are a NFT and Lending view, with many more to come in the following weeks.

We’re excited to hear what you think!

Get Saifu for Firefox 🦊:

Get Saifu for Chrome:

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Saifu Wallet

Saifu Wallet — the extensible web3 wallet in your browser